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The Warden, The Elder Scrolls Online's first all-new class, is coming to Tamriel with the launch of ESO: Morrowind on June 6. Prepare yourself by downloading this action-packed new illustration and read our interview with the artist who painted it!

This amazing new piece was crafted by Lucas Slominski, one of our Senior Concept Artists, so we thought we'd ask him a few questions about it and his process.

When tasked with creating this new key art example of the Warden, how do you determine what to paint?

The whole process begins with discussions with our art director about what elements or ideas he wants to feature. In this case, we wanted to depict the Warden in a way that would highlight the signature characteristics of the class, which suggested a combat scene as well as the inclusion from the Warden's Feral Guardian ultimate. We also wanted to showcase a location from Morrowind, since the Warden will be debuting alongside the new zone.

Based on those initial conversations, I begin to sketch out a variety of action beats, exploring a lot of different compositions and narrative premises that players usually never end up seeing, since we can only take one sketch through to completion. In this case, it became clear that given the Warden's connection with the forces associated with nature, the ecology of Vvardenfell itself deserved to be highlighted as a character in the image.

We talked about emphasizing the island as a place of constant destruction and rebirth, which symbolically mirrors both the aggressive and restorative aspects of the Warden's Skill Lines. This approach is what ultimately led us to the standoff between two Dunmer Wardens and a group of Cliff Striders, with the Red Mountain looming ESO Gold PS4 in the background.


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