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Furnishings can be acquired in a variety of ways, including: crafting, purchasing directly from merchants, achievement furnishers, trading with other players, justice gameplay, treasure chests, fishing, trophies from Dungeons, Arenas, and Trials, purchasing a home, and also from the Crown Store.


You can craft many furnishings by acquiring recipes from guild traders, other players, retailers, pickpocketing, stealing, as well as from the Master Writ Merchant. You can preview the object before you build it at the creating station, just to make sure it's exactly what you want. Like regular provisioning recipes, furniture plans can be laundered if stolen and then traded to other players. Furniture crafting plans usually require new materials, which are uncommon drops from node harvesting, certain monsters and also animals, and containers throughout the world.

The Master Writ Merchant also provides the recipes for the Target Skeleton, which may be crafted and placed in your home or exchanged to other players. Each crafting profession has its own type of furniture plan, which teaches you how to construct that particular object.

Some items can only be crafted and cannot be purchased in the Overhead Store, purchased through merchants, or even picked up as loot in the world.

Crafting Stations

You can also acquire Crafting Stations from the Housing Editor, a Master Writ Merchant, or through other players. If you purchase an Attunable Crafting Station, you can take it to your favorite item set location along with use the item in your inventory to morph that crafting station into a permanent set station that you can then place in your home. This allows you and your visitors to craft certain sets without traveling to those locations in the future. Regular crafting ESO Gold PS4 stations are not attuneable.


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