Student as single-parent

Costs of living while studying may vary greatly and depends on state you’re living in. Therefore careful consideration is needed for properly adjusting expenditure with income.


Student-parent combination could be viewed as an interesting case study to take. For one to take both roles which include taking care of other human being with everything that comes upon it, it may be seen as challenging for general society to attend studies in such state without significant external support. As we may know, each student takes full responsibility of their tasks in daily basis. As circumstances change, student should notify related personnel and may be in need for adjusted study plan to be able to deal with new circumstances. Findings on survey called Child Care Needs Survey was conducted in September, 2013 participated by 1094 persons resulted in multiple conclusions. These single parents with whom poll was conducted resulted in such finding indicating that 81.6% had no sufficient time for studies, therefore, such category certainly does not fit in best college for writers category as findings show significant increase of failed commitments in terms of study process.


Different sections of university may come in handy. Student should always take note of key people they could relay their questions, suggestions or other significant study-related information.

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